Friday, February 27, 2009

shameless self-promotion

I don't subscribe to the whole Myspace/Facebook culture. I made the decision when Myspace originated that I would never create one, and I take immense pride in the fact that I haven't caved. I didn't realize then that these "networking" sites would one day become so widespread that exchanging links to each others' pages would become more socially acceptable than exchanging phone numbers. What began as a cult has evolved into the norm, and I'm still waiting for the trend to die out.

A lot of people find my aversion to Myspace and Facebook off-putting. What-ev. I really don't mind that you spend so much time shooting and editing photos of yourselves in bathrooms, perfecting your angles, making pouty faces. I participate in this self-absorbed ritual, too. I wish I didn't, but I do. My name is Joanna and I take Myspace photos of myself. I just wish that people would stop deluding themselves and admit why they really created these pages - to judge and be judged.

We all want validation. Some people need to be told that they're beautiful, and they've figured out that by posting photos of themselves - in just the right lighting, or with just the right body parts cropped, or in just the right lingerie - someone is bound to take notice. Some people need to know that their ex-boyfriend's-new-girlfriend is far less attractive/successful/interesting than they are. And some people just want to make sure that somebody has gained more weight than they have since high school. For these reasons, Myspace and Facebook make sense. Just not enough sense for me to jump on the bandwagon. I already have a blog; what more do you want from me?

Anyway, my Myspace/Facebook rant does actually have a point. It just takes me a very long time to get to said point because I abuse any freedom that I'm allowed.

What's that, you ask? It's "Beat by Beat"! So, WTF is "Beat by Beat"? Don't worry. It's not porn. Well, not really. "Beat by Beat" is a student-produced reality web series competition featuring 15 screenwriters (yay, me!) who are divided into 4 teams to create a pilot episode for an original series. Every other week, a new episode will be added to the site, chronicling our journey. If you're not confused, I applaud you. Basically, no one knows what the screenwriting process entails, and this is our way of showing the world how fun and cute and quirky and hilarious and obnoxious and demented and twisted and pathetic and brilliant we really are.

All of us lil' screenwriters are whoring that site out to everyone we know. And those with Myspaces/Facebooks (i.e. everyone but me) have been able to reach a hell of a lot more people than I have by word of mouth alone. I initially thought that I was at a disadvantage because of my lack of technology-based networking capabilities, but then I thought, hey, my blog is just as good a place to whore out my work as any Myspace or Facebook. So, ha. I get to have my integrity cake and eat it, too.


Erratic Traveller said...

Of course you're welcome! More than welcome! Oh, and I share your loathing of Myspace, but have a sentimental attachment to facebook since I really liked it when it was just college kids. You know, back when it was actually a good way to bond a community and create networks not just a shameless advertising vehicle.

Lora said...

give me some-a-dat fillet o fish. gimme dat fish. oooh.

I'm not on fb or ms, because it is a horrid horrid place that sucks your soul out of your heart and makes you care about things that you shouldn't care about as a grown up. but that's just me...

i'm a little confused, but i'm totally hooked.