Monday, November 24, 2008


I have arrived. I am officially welcoming myself to the glamorous and elusive world of blogging because, let's be honest, if I don't welcome myself, who will? Seriously, when people start these things, assuming they don't have 5,422 friends who already identify themselves as "bloggers," how do they know that someone will actually take the time to read? I guess you can badger your friends and family into reading (my current plan of action), but even then, it's a gamble. I'm sure a lot of people who "blog" (ugh, I still feel pretentious using that word as a verb, hence the quotes) claim to do so merely as a venting mechanism and if other people happen to care, it's just an additional pat on the back. I call bullshit. I cannot possibly imagine publishing the stories of my life and displaying them in a public forum for my own personal satisfaction.

Before "blogging" became a part of my vernacular, I "live-journaled." Unfortunately, my Live Journal is still in existence, floating around somewhere on the Internet, though I haven't touched it since 2003. Anyway, somehow, though I can't remember how (damn all those drugs!), people read it. And kept coming back to read new entries. And COMMENTED. Because I consider myself much more interesting and somewhat better at writing since the days of Live Journal, hopefully people will read this thing. I've built it, they're supposed to come now, right? Isn't that how it works? We shall see...